John Cragg Notary Public


What services are offered?

Examples include:-

  • Execution of a Power of Attorney for use overseas
  • Execution of documents needed for buying or selling propery overseas
  • Provision of a certified copy of an extract from your passport
  • Provision of documentation for use in an overseas marriage
  • Provision of certified copies of academic or other qualifications
  • Swearing/affirming of oaths and affidavits
  • Completion of a Statutory Declaration
  • Certificates of English law for use overseas
  • Authentication of a translation of a document
  • Grant of permission for a child to travel with one parent
  • Apostille/consularisation of documents (see above)
  • Execution of documents needed in registration of patents and trademarks
  • Execution of commercial documentation

The above list provides examples only as the notary can deal with most other documents needed for use overseas.

I see clients at my office in Chearsley near Thame but if required will come to see you at your office or home subject to a charge for travel time and expenses. Appointments are normally within office hours (9.00 to 5.30 Monday to Friday) but if needed on account of urgency or for other reasons I can see clients at other times.